Garcia Palazon family started working in agriculture with Atilano Garcia at the beginning of the 20th century.

His love and dedication for the agriculture made his sons, Jose Vicente and Antonio García, continue with their father’s devotion.

After many years of searching to rekindle his dream, they find the estate. El moralejo is an estate which, along centuries has been related to viticulture. Its biggest potential is its altitude, inasmuch as it gets to reach 1050 meters of altitude above the sea level, in a unique enclave in full nature.

If they had something clear in their minds was this Project would be in high altitude vineyards, where the freshness of the summer and its thermal range between day and night would give the unique character which nowadays can be recognised in all our still and sparkling wines. Without losing sight of the altitude, which will always be favourable to us, since global warming is a very present factor and with overtime foresee to change the world outlook of the viticulture.

It is a fact that the family did at that time, nowadays is a trend, coming ahead of time, and every day it is more common to see in the media famous producers acquiring high altitude vineyards looking for the freshness.

All that was a revolution in those days, as it was turning our backs on the accepted rules, carrying the banner for the challenge of elaborating at the same exigence level as the best houses of Champagne, in a peculiar area, however, because of its altitude, all indicated we were on the right track.

Were then when Jose Vicente and Antonio started a fruitful collaboration with Herve Jestin, famous oenologist born in Epernay, France, with experience in the big houses of Champagne.

Nowadays, nobody can deny the potential of the Bodegal Balmoral’s vineyards, since its still and sparkling wines have made a place for themselves in more than 25 countries in which they are commercialized, besides the numerous recognitions rewarding the effort and the know how.

This is a result of the principles which are championed by the winery, such as the respect for the environment using ecological treatments in the vines, the pursuit of perfection with a high level of self demanding and especially with the unconditional work of the family who spends all its time and effort in the growing and the improvement of the winery.


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