Hervé Jestin

Together we amount to more, and that at certain times that sum is multiplied.

This is the case of Balmoral with Hervé. Thanks to the knowledge of the terroir of the Garcia-Palazón family and the implementation of the techniques which Hervé safeguarded, a blossoming friendship and embarking together on a fruitful collaboration.

Born in Épernay, France in 1959. Master Champagne maker.

Hervé Jestin has a well-established career in the world of viniculture, winemaking and oenology and wine trade at universities such as Dijon, Reims and Bordeaux.

In addition, it is a gentleman of the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne (Coteaux Champenois) fraternity and an associate member of the Union of Oenologists of Champagne.

Hervé is renowned as one of the most talented oenologist in Champagne, one of the world leaders in biodynamics.

In his more than 25 years of experience he has worked in such prestigious companies as Bollinger, Moët & Chandon and Duval Leroy among others.

Sustainable viticulture

Natural heritage which is tended to and pampered with precision viticulture. A legacy which we tend as a garden, perfect rows of vines, where the plant feels healthy in the purity of the surroundings and each year gifts us with its most captivating delicious fruit.

Flower must (or free-run juice)

Only the purest musts are selected for vinification.



Inherent Style Ageing

Always faithful to its proper inherent style, we manage a singular barrels cellar, where we create wines from different formats, either in minimum French and American oak barrels or large volume vats. A wooden cellar which accompanies us during its life gifting use with the best of each year.

The art
of blending

Every year starting from scratch, the challenge of adding the different wines according to the personality of the vintage and obtaining its utmost expression with each type of grape.

Traditional method – time makes us stronger

Patience is priceless, and time has proven us correct with vibrant wines and fine bubbles. And it is the altitude and freshness which permeates Balmoral enabling us to produce long ageing wines from 18 to 50 months, with intense vividness and expression, wines full of nuances able to seduce the most demanding palates.


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