Balmoral Vineyards nominated The Best Revelation Winery at CIVAS 2017

Viñedos Balmoral (Balmoral Vineyards) nominated the 2017 Best Revelation Winery with 4 nominations: Best Revelation Winery, 2017 Best Spanish Wine (Edoné Gran Cuvee), Best Label/Packaging (Edoné Rosé Gran Cuvee) and Best Quality Price Ratio in Spain (Edoné Cuvee de Maria) at the 2017 Spanish AkataVino Sommeliers International Wine Competition.


CIVAS since its inception is characterised by being a closed contest, only the wines and wineries which have received an express invitation as nominees for the 2017 akataVino Awards are eligible for prizes.


A TOP Contest which selects the Best from among the Best Wines distributed in Spain and where only those nominated wines with scores of 90+ points selected by the AkataVino WineXtreme team participate.


The grand final of CIVAS 2017 will take place on Monday 29 May at the Parador de Turismo Málaga Golf.



The jury is made up of 35 TOP Sommeliers from different parts of Spain, representing the major hotel and restaurant establishments.



All the wines nominated are unique, they are wines which express a type, a terroir and behind each bottle there is an impressive history relative to wine, which identifies same. The akatavino team has tasted over 15 months more than 5,000 wines from over 1,100 wineries to select the 150 wineries present. A thorough and rigorous selection for nominating wines with heart and soul.


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