Edone Rose Gran Cuvee

EDONÉ ROSÉ GRAN CUVÉE. Edone’s creative spirit

Undoubtedly, Edoné Rosé Gran Cuvée in our Edone range, is the most creative over all.

This is because the varieties we use, have nothing to do with the others which are used normally for such product. It was a considered decision, and although the Moralejo state had a plot of pinot noir, we decided to use Tempranillo and Syrah.

After lots of studies, we discovered the potential these varieties had for making sparkling was incredible, due to the altitude of the vineyards, they showed an unique character, with capacity to bear long ageings and to keep the freshness.

The base we use comes from the flower must, which is the purest most obtained from the grape. As the rest of the Edone’s range, it is elaborated by the champenoise method, with a minimun ageing of 24 months.

And this is how Edone Rose Gran Cuvee was born, probbably the only sparkling made from Tempranillo and Syrah all over the world.

Overtime, this controversial sparkling has achieved having a place among the different international competitions, obtaining good scores and recognition.

During the tasting we can find an unique colour, copper-colored, with a captivating aroma, shining notes of cherry pie, mediterranean botanic aspects, with a delicious brioche and fresh nut. A powerful ripe fruit flavour with slim bubbles which remind us of  the mousse.

It is the perfect partner for seafood, iberic ham, creamy cheeses, pasta, fish rice, oily fish, poultry and fruit desserts.

Its optimum temperature for consumption is around 6º, perfect for enjoying it at any moment.

You can see more information about Edoné Rosé Gran Cuvée in the  following link

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