How do we celebrate 7 gold medals?

Somebody wise told, regarding field issues is important “to bring” first, in order to pick up later. With Edone and Maravides, after continued sowing, is coming to fruition,  This time the harvest has come in the shape of SEVEN GOLD MEDALS.

China Wine and Spirits Awards has awarded us with five gold medals. It is the biggest and most prestigious competition in China and Hong Kong. The awarded wines are:

Edoné Rosé Gran Cuvée 2014

Edoné Gran Cuvée 2013

Maravides 12 meses 2014

Maravides Chardonnay 2016

Maravides Mediterráneo 2015

At the same time, Asia Wine Trophy, one of the most important competitions in Asia, has awarded us with two gold medals. They are given following the guidelines of the
International Organisation of Vine and Wine, guaranteeing the quality of the competition. The awarded wines are:

Edoné Gran Cuvée 2013

Edoné Cuvée de María 2014

We are happy to share these awards, they are yours, more than ours.  Thanks to your loyalty and quality recognition we are reaching the best palates in the world. These medals owe to the team we take part. From the people who pick up a bunch after bunch, to who put on their tables the wine or the sparkling. Every time we uncork a bottle we are celebrating together.
Now we have seven medals more, due to the effort, the flavor and the quality!

How do we celebrate it?

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