Maravides Chardonnay, exceptional freshness


Maravides Chardonnay is a White wine elaborated by Viñedos Balmoral

As all the Viñedos Balmoral’s Wines, Maravides chardonnay is a wine elaborated with grapes from our own vineyard. A very special vineyard located at more than 1000 meters above the sea level.

In Balmoral, there are unique weather conditions, with contrast in the temperatures between day and night and an austere terroir, which are the sense and the motiation of our winery, located in Alpera, Albacete.

A Chardonnay full of life which is obtained from a very soft press, obtaining the flower must, the purest and most elegant must. Afterwards the fermentation, made in stainless steel tanks in controlled temperatures, it will be held a little ageing in its lees to get a subtle volumen in the mouth.

It is a bright Chardonnay, with pale yellow colour and captivating aroma. A vibrant intensity of white fruit citrics such as green apple, with a floral bottom. Fresh, silky and persistent.

Maravides Chardonnay goes marvelously with appetizers, sushi, pasta, rice, fish, seafood, vegetables and White meat. A wide and varied Food Pairing which leaves no one indifferent.

It is a wine which is served cold, In tempreratures between 8º and 10º.

You can see more information about Maravides Chardonnay in the  following link.

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