Pancho Campo speaks about Balmoral Wineries from Spanish Wine Experience.

From Balmoral Wineries we want to thank the valuations, of whom we consider a great master inside the wine World,  Pancho Campo.

Barely some days ago, he released in the  Spanish wine Experience youtube channel, a video with an outstanding valuation about Balmoral Wineries and specifically about our wine Maravides 12 Meses.

Pancho Campo was the first Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) in Spain. In 2003 he founded the Wine Academy of Spain and developed the Spanish Wine Education international certification program. In the academy, he participated in the research of the climate change in the wine industry and arranged the global conference about  the climate change and wine in 2006 and 2008. Campo is collaborator with  the ex vice president Al Gore on the Climate Reality Project.

Here we leave his valuations about Maravides 12 Meses


We are eager for watching the Pancho Campo new video of our Edone Sparklings.

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